Caloundra Sharks Event Contract Conditions:


Event –
The function, party, reception, wedding or gathering.

Client –
The person or persons contracting with the Caloundra and District Rugby League Football Club Ltd (Caloundra Sharks) to facilitate the Event.

Caloundra Sharks –
The organization contracted by the client to facilitate the Event.

Guests –
Guests, agents, contractors, suppliers, or others associated with or engaged by the client.

Event Contract Sum –
This is the monetary sum agreed by the client as the minimum cost for the event. This sum will form the basis for this contract and the sum used for purposes of the payment schedule.

Only with the agreement of Caloundra Sharks this sum may vary with requested changes by the client to guest numbers and event scope and duration.


Payment –
The client is solely responsible for payment for the event.

Tentative Bookings –
Tentative bookings are accepted but can only be held for a period of two weeks (14 days). We regret that after such time, without confirmation, these bookings will automatically lapse.

Payment Schedule –

Confirmation Stage 1 –

A minimum booking fee of $300 is payable upon initial confirmation of your booking. A signed agreement must also be returned to us at this point in the agreement.

Cancellations –
If cancellation by the client occurs, all payments made to date are non-refundable.

A Cancellation by the Caloundra Sharks of the event would result in all payments reimbursed less any costs incurred by the Caloundra Sharks. The Caloundra Sharks will not be responsible, if for some reason or occurrence beyond its control ie: natural disaster, industrial action or government intervention the event cannot proceed.

The client is solely responsible to meet the payment conditions and deadlines described in this contract. Failure to do so will be deemed a Cancellation by the client-

It is also the sole responsibility of the client to provide all relevant details, seating plans, special diet requirements, menu options, timelines etc to enable Caloundra Sharks to facilitate the optimum outcome.

Change of Date –
No penalty will apply should you wish to alter the date of your event within 1 months of your confirmed booking. We cannot, however, guarantee that the altered date will be available and should an acceptable date be unavailable the original booking conditions will apply.


Final Payment –
Final Payment for any outstanding or sundry expenses for any events are due before you leave the venue. This must be by one single payment which the client will be responsible for. The balance of any moneys owing is payable at the event at a mutually convenient moment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Bank cheque or cash. Personal cheques are also welcome with prior approval. EFTPOS facilities are also available. Please be aware of the daily expenditure limit on your card.

Guaranteed Numbers –
You will be required to advise us at the time of your booking the anticipated number to be catered for. Final guest numbers are to be advised 14 days (2 weeks) prior to your event.

Minimum Numbers –
We are happy to cater for special events from the small and intimate through to up to 100 people indoors and larger groups outdoors. Should the guest numbers alter by more than 10% the Caloundra Sharks reserves the right to revise venue or per guest costs with the client remaining obligated to the terms and conditions of this contract.

Hours of Operation –
Events are to be held during normal licenced trading hours.  Currently 10am to Midnight, 7 days a week. It will be expected that music or speakers be turned off at 11:30pm in preparation for 12pm shut down. All guests must leave the outside premises no later than 12;30pm.

Sorry we are not BYO
No beverages may be brought onto the premises.

Wet Weather Contingency –
Caloundra Sharks will not be held responsible for the weather and the problems caused by weather relative to the event

Security & Conduct –
The orderly conduct of your guests and contractors, before, during and after the event are sole responsibility of the client. Please note the Caloundra Sharks reserves the right to eject intoxicated, unruly persons or persons engaged in illegal, criminal, or immoral behaviour.  Further to this the Caloundra Sharks reserves the right to close the event at any stage with no warning should such behaviour occur. Closure of the event by the Caloundra Sharks does not alter any of the responsibilities or commitments of the client under the term and conditions of this contract

The client or an agent nominated by the client will be our first point of contact for such actions. This contact person will be responsible for ensuring all instructions by the Caloundra Sharks staff are followed by guests of the client.

Security Hire – Please note that for events it is recommended that security be employed to assist with the proceedings. For certain events it is compulsory that security will be employed for the function. Caloundra Sharks will provide the client with security at a cost incurred by the client. PLEASE NOTE:  18th Birthdays will need a minimum of two security staff members for the duration of the function. 21st parties will need a minimum of one security staff member for a minimum of four hours. These conditions are a guideline only and are subject to the number of guests. Disclaimer: These terms will be up to the discretion of the Caloundra Sharks management.

Security Hire Charges
1 x Security staff @ $50/hour, minimum hire is for four hours or as stated above.

Damages –
The client is financially responsible for any loss or damage to the property or equipment that may be caused by yourself, your guests, or contractors. This financial responsibility extends to loss of profit to the Caloundra Sharks moving forward as an indirect or direct consequence of the event.

We do not accept responsibility for damage to, or loss of any goods brought to the venue, before, during or post event. It remains the client’s responsibility to insure against any such loss or damage. All goods must be removed from the premises no later than 12 hours after your function. Please ensure that any deliveries are adequately marked with the name, date & time of your event, including sender details and contact phone numbers.

Children/Minors General
Any activities supplied for children at tables during a function must be void of markers or any other items that are able to permanently stain the Caloundra Shark’s property.  Any damages will incur a replacement cost to the client.

All children must always be strictly supervised and remain with parents or guardians during the function.

Children cannot run around the inside the venue on the property due to licencing and safety reasons.

Any damages caused by children or minors to the property at any duration of their stay will be charged to the client.


General –
All event guest parking will be in the designated car park at the front entrance of the club.

The client will be given a room for use and storage during the event. Access to other areas such as the Caloundra Sharks office, canteen, dressing sheds, bar areas, kitchens, fields, are strictly prohibited, unless prior arrangement has been otherwise made by management.

Sound restrictions apply to all events and it is the responsibility of the client to ensure all terms and conditions are adhered to during the event.

There is a designated smoker’s area, and it is the client’s responsibility to ensure all guests are aware of the area and utilise this area and nowhere else.

Exclusive Use
We guarantee exclusive use of the event area established inside the club. The Caloundra Sharks will remain operational.


It is essential the client understands the content of this contract and all the terms and conditions are clearly communicated to all guests to ensure the event has the best possible outcome.

If you have any questions in regards to the Caloundra sharks contract, terms and conditions please do not hesitate to contact us before signing this document.